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1. We provide communications solutions.

2. Overcoming technical complexity.

3. Client value creation by providing exceptional services.

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ST Technica Engineering Pte Ltd is a telecommunication and solutions system integrator which provides construction, manufacturing and assembling telecommunication equipment to address domestic and commercial needs.

The company was derived from ST Unitech Metal Works Sdn Bhd. A company that began operating in 2000. In 2017, ST Technica Engineering Pte Ltd was formed as a company based in Singapore working together with ST Unitech Sdn Bhd & Sing Tao Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd as partners.

The people behind ST Technica Engineering Pte Ltd have nearly two decades of experience in building, constructing, manufacturing & assembling telecommunication equipment with major telco projects island wide.

The company aims to develop and provide products, solutions and professional services. Primarily for fixed and mobile telco operators, public authorities and large public and private enterprises.

ST Technica Engineering’s primary objective is to design and provide, manufacture & distribute

quality telecommunications products that satisfies and preferably exceeds customer requirements.

St Technica Engineering is committed to conduct its business in an environmentally sound and

sustainable manner. Providing a safe and excellent workplace condition and being committed to the

community in which it operates.

ST Technica Engineering assures faithful adherence and compliance with all necessary certifications

requirements. We adhere to comply with the local conventions regarding environmental, health and

safety issues.

ST Technica Engineering is committed to improve its performance through customers reviews and by

setting and reviewing its objective and targets. The company ensures objectives and targets are

relevant to the organisation’s activities and in keeping with company policy.


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